Election Monitoring

Sudan Election Monitors

Sudan Election Monitors

From April 11-15, 2010, the Sudanese people voted in the first multi-party general election in more than two decades. This historic election allowed voters to exercise their democratic right to choose leaders at all levels of government, from state assemblies to the president of the republic.

In keeping with its mission to promote positive engagement between the Muslim World and the West, The Cordoba Initiative sent an election observation and research delegation to the Sudan to assess the impact of the election on prospects for improved relations between Sudan and the United States. With a broad mandate, The Cordoba Initiative teams in Khartoum, Darfur and South Sudan assessed the electoral processes on the ground.

As the only Muslim‐led international civil society organization operating in Sudan, The Cordoba Initiative is uniquely qualified to support Sudan’s continued democratic development and to disseminate its analysis with credibility among both the international community and the Sudanese people.

After the election, The Cordoba Initiative produced a report that provided a detailed account of the delegation’s mission, methodology, findings and analysis, as well as recommendations for key actors shaping the future of Sudan.

Following the 2010 election, The Cordoba Initiative concluded that the election brought about an unprecedented opportunity to transform and advance the US‐Sudan relationship. Click below to read the entire report:

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