May 2, 2011

Imam Feisal’s Statement on the Demise of Osama Bin Laden

9/11 created a wound that aggravated the divide between the Muslim World and the West. The demise of Osama bin Laden, coinciding with the wave of revolutions in the Arab world, is a hopeful milestone. We hope it will bring to a close the chapter of terrorism, whether committed by non-state actors like Al-Qaeda or state actors like Libya’s Qaddafi.

I applaud President Obama for his resolute efforts in the war against terror, including bringing Bin Laden to justice and supporting the aspirations of the Arab world to establish democratic regimes responsive to the needs of their people.

As our President reminded us, Bin Laden did not represent Islam. The Quran explicitly states that no soul shall be responsible for the sins of another. Terrorism, which targets innocents who had no part in a crime, fundamentally violates this Quranic commandment. Thousands of innocents, including Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, have been the targets of al-Qaeda’s actions.

Terrorism breaks down the structures of civic society, destroys lives and economies. What we all need now is to build the vibrant bonds of community and commit to peace work.

I join my fellow human beings of all faith communities in praying for a more peaceful world to come.

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