June 26, 2011

NY Imam Still Holds to Mosque Dream

Abdul-Rauf believes that one day he would see his dream mosque come true.

As the controversy over a project to build a mosque and Muslim center near the 9/11 site in New York is gradually subsiding, the man behind the project is becoming more hopeful that one day he would see his dream come true.

“The dream is still alive,” Imam Feisal Abdul-Rauf told The Charlotte Observer in an interview, published Saturday, June 25.

“Whether it happens there, whether it happens at another place, it’s going to happen.”

The planned center, which would include a mosque, a swimming pool, a preschool and a 9/11 memorial, has stirred a national debate in the United States.

“These centers are very important in establishing interfaith relations between faith communities,” said Abdul-Rauf who spent much of his life preaching religious tolerance and the need for people of different faiths to work together.

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