Cordoba House

Cordoba House launched operations on October 1, 2015 as an evolution of The Cordoba Initiative's commitment to cultivating a holistic American Muslim identity that is both American and Muslim, embodying the core values of pluralism, compassion, and inclusivity. In addition to becoming an inclusive place of worship and spiritual growth for American Muslims, Cordoba House aims to run dynamic and progressive programs in the core areas of Worship, Arts and Culture, Education, and Interfaith. Cordoba House is dedicated to leading, engaging and promoting a distinctively contemporary, pluralistic and spiritual American Muslim identity.

Through a variety of ongoing programs and activities, Cordoba House honors the plurality of beliefs in America, encourages learning and discovery, and celebrates the sacred and cherished traditions of all faiths. Programs designed by Cordoba House include, Children and Youth Sunday Program and after school classes and workshops, and the Muslim Leadership Training Program. Additionally, Cordoba House organizes lectures and gatherings for the interfaith community. With a firm and steadfast commitment to inclusivity, Cordoba House values diversity and advocates deep respect, genuine trust, and mutual acceptance of all religions.


August 20, 2014
An Abrahamic family: Imam’s Cordoba House highly supported by Chautauqua Faith leaders
Article by Mark Oprea in The Chautauquan Daily on the Cordoba Initiative at the Chautauqua Institution and TCI's Cordoba House Project


July 31, 2014
Prominent American Muslim Leader Imam Feisal to Lead Muslim Prayers During Week Eight at Chautauqua
Press Release


June 17, 2014
The Ongoing importance of Interfaith Work and the development of an American Muslim Identity, and TCI projects for Islamic Good Governance and Cordoba House
Imam Feisal's speech from the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy 2014 Faith-in-Action Award Ceremony


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